National Volunteer Week – Bella Tamotu (Otahuhu Leopards)


Te wiki tūao ā motu! To celebrate National Volunteer Week, Auckland Rugby League will shed light on the selfless people that make the greatest game possible in Tāmaki Makaurau.


You are involved with the Otahuhu Women’s Premier team this season, what is your role there and how has it been going?

I am the Otahuhu Premier Women's Coach, so far, it's been a GREAT experience being at this level and getting our women’s back in the competition.

We are rebuilding which is super exciting with our new & returned players this season and not to mention my amazing management team, it’s why we stay involved in the game, we are invested in supporting pathway opportunities for the Juniors/Senior girls to aspire toward and that's where we are now, so definitely watch this space.


What other roles do you take up in the rugby league space?

2010 - 2017 coached & managed teams from mini - mods - international grades (U6-U13), then focused on coaching girls’ grades from 2017 -2021 (U13 - U18), 2016 - 2019 coaching school teams (Y5 - Y8)

Junior/Senior Club Committee service 2012 - 2019 (Junior Chair 2012 & 2019, Treasurer 2016-2019)

Coach at representative level for girls (2018 - U13G Vulcans, 2019 - ROO U16G South) assistant coach U15G Auckland 2021.

This year I have focussed on development as a coach, it's important to upskill as this will benefit players in the long term. I deliver a preseason & development camp for girls/women playing league or other codes, and pretty much supporting & helping teams where I can on or off the field.

Lately I have been playing Women’s - (short term lol), I did play for the Women's a few years ago….


How did you get involved with rugby league?

Started as a parent supporter then my son's team needed a coach & manager, honestly had no idea what I was getting into… still did it anyway, then my nieces got into league and coaching just became part of the daily - training, games, prizegiving, meetings, committee, cook, cleaner, bar, fundraisers, events, courses, taxi driver etc, the club was now our extended family, we all had a mutual focus for our players/kids growing them in the game was growing the game we love!


What do you get out of giving back to the game?

It's just a good feeling knowing you either impacted or inspired someone because they see you do it or be there for them. That's a reward in itself.


What would your message be to encourage others to get involved?

Just being involved opens the door to people, building network connections, lifetime friendships and family, opportunities to develop further and so many other great journeys.

Change will happen when you take that first step, the game needs more volunteers in all areas of rugby league.

Ask yourself - If you don't, who will?


Interested in learning more about becoming a volunteer in Auckland league? Click here to find out what it's all about.


Article added: Wednesday 22 June 2022



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