League Tag kicks off in Auckland

The Auckland Rugby League and Kiwi Tag New Zealand staged the first game of League Tag last Saturday, with Te Atatu and Mangere East playing in an U13 exhibition match at Mount Smart Stadium. 

Played as part of the representative day which saw Auckland and the Southern Zone play U16 and U18 boys’ matches, Te Atatu won the game 24-4. 

League Tag was developed as an evolution of Kiwi Tag, with the adaptions including it being played on a full-sized field instead of half.

Mangere East coach Michael Vai said depsite the result he was impressed with how well his team adapted to the game rules. 

“Many players from the mini-mod grade – which Kiwi Tag applies to – came up to play in a more international grade style (League Tag rules) and they were great,” he said. 

“It was also a great way to promote our girls for women in league.

“I think League Tag is a great way for our players to boost their self-esteem and become more confident in the game especially with the non-contact aspect.”   

Coach of Te Atatu Craig Godfrey said he enjoyed how the League Tag rules encouraged his team to use there skils on a full rugby league field.  

“Having a bigger field gave our kids the chance to move the ball and identify spaces,” he said. 

“The boys were shifting the ball across the field and back again. Hopefully they take what they’ve experienced back to their teams. 

“I think it’s going to be a great addition to our game of rugby league.”

Article added: Thursday 05 November 2020


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